Together better supplied

Your supplies are running low and you can’t or won’t get out? Colivery will look after you and your loved ones if you have to stay home.

#WirVsVirus is initiated by

What is Colivery?

In times of crisis even the most everyday things become a challenge. These include the basic supply of food, drugstore items and over-the-counter medicines.

Colivery brings people together

People seeking help share their shopping lists with the community by phone or app. The helpers then get down to running errands. In the end, they deliver the shopping to the front door – of course without direct contact and at a safe distance.

This avoids unnecessary contact, protects fellow human beings and relieves the burden on the health system.

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Convenient shopping

Do you need food, drugstore items or over-the-counter drugs?

  • Then go to our app, make your shopping list and send it off.
  • Soon, you will also be able to call us, we will take your wishes and create your shopping list.
  • The shopping list will then be displayed to the drivers, who will then go shopping for you.

As soon as your driver has everything together, he will come to your place. You give him the money in cash and as suitable as possible and he hands over the purchases to you.

Join in!

You want to help and be a driver?

  • Register in our app and you can immediately see all shopping lists in your area.
  • You decide which shopping lists you want to take over. Then you go shopping and spend the money.
  • As soon as you have all your shopping lists, you bring them to the customer. You will receive the money from him/her and hand over the purchases.


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Colivery was created as part of the nationwide hackathon #WirVsVirus in the period from 20 to 22 March 2020.

Behind Colivery are a total of 15 creative minds with concentrated know-how in software development, design and marketing.